Whitepaper <Tobania case study: a digital queueing system for IT Service Points>

In the digital world of today, it is often hard to find a good balance between physical availability and online readiness to support every employee in the most efficient way. So, to make the current physical support at an IT Service Point as productive as possible, Tobania.Workplace carried out a case study among employees and support agents: a digital queuing system.

The result? Our Tobians identified a 10% increase in productivity. Both employees and support agents gained time as an iPad recorded the employees’ personal details and the reason for their service desk visit in advance. Curious about our case study?

In this whitepaper you’ll learn everything about:

  • Employee Journey Mapping;
  • Digital queueing systems at IT Service Points;
  • Employees’ and support agents' experiences with a digital queueing system.

A Tobania Case Study