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In order not only to keep up with innovation, but also to stand at its source, Tobania has partnered with Living Tomorrow. Consider our brand-new side-by-side efforts as the ultimate way to look ahead. However, it is not just about being observant, it’s also about getting things done. Therefore, we will provide you with the necessary insights, expertise, tools, facilities and guidance to actually implement any innovation, large or small, within your organisation.
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Data in the Driving Seat: Transforming the organisation from inside out

Monday 26 September

The Vlerick Digital Transformation Club invites you to an evening session on data-driven organisations.
Prepare for a night of interactive discussion, during which we will welcome your ideas and questions, and get inspired by our expert speakers’ insights.
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Acquia CxO Lunch with Dries Buytaert (CEO Acquia & Drupal)

Thursday 29 September

Ready to accompany Dries Buytaert (CEO Acquia) and Lode Peeters (CEO Tobania) for a splendid gastronomic experience at The Bistronomy of Living Tomorrow?
Then expect a cosy get-together of visionary thinking about data usage, personalised web pages, the future-proof user experience and much more.
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The digital roadmap: from digital strategy to concrete action plan
(*Provided in Dutch*)

Thursday 4 October

How do you make sure you are prepared for a successful digital transformation? What do you need to emphasise? And how should you prioritise this? Our Tobian and SMART.Business Manager, Rob Stox, will be happy to tell you all about it during the free Voka webinar.
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The Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ 2022 Conference

Monday 7 November to
Thursday 10 November.

The Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ 2022 Conference is the place where leadership, technology innovation and business strategy converge.

Are you coming to Barcelona, then don't forget to come and say “hi” to us!
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Christian Health Insurance Fund prospers healthcare of tomorrow with online medical certificates
Everyone recognises the famous yellow medical certificates of the Christian Health Insurance Fund (CM). They lasted for decades and without them, you could not get a refund of your medical expenses.
However, things have changed now. As part of his "Cash Payment Billing" project, Tobania helped to digitise these certificates.
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A story of business intelligence running into TIDO challenges

Did you know that our data team at Python Predictions has helped setting up and maintaining numerous insightful Power BI reports and dashboards at the European Climate Foundation based on data from multiple systems? What started as a data reporting job ended up covering various aspects of a full data project.
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Your digital mailbox:

Today, there are several e-boxes from various public authorities. In order to put an end to this proliferation of digital solutions, the Federal Public Service for Policy and Support (BOSA) was looking for a tool that could simplify and centralise its document flow for the end user. BOSA and Tobania therefore developed eBox.
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