A Testing community at Tobania, what’s it all about?

We love to operate in the <sweet spot> between business and technology. Whether we have a background in development, infrastructure, or business:
what connects us is our common vision on top-notch technology and quality in software development. So, say goodbye to crappy code and bugs!

Who are we?

We consist of a team of enthusiastic test (automation) engineers who want to be the best partner for our customers. Together, we pioneer a world where developers, business and testers work closely together to build the best possible technology for end users. Our secret ingredient? Our first-time-right approach.


Our goal while doing so:

  • Realise a flawless software launch by mitigating the risks with a smart test approach.
  • Always look for a way to optimise the testing with process improvements, shift left, automated and continuous testing.
  • Did your buzzword detector go off? No need for that. We really believe in the power of Agile Software Development and DevOps, when it comes to Quality in a broad sense.

This is how we do <IT> 

In Agile/DevOps environments, we use practices and technologies such as Selenium, Cucumber, BDD, Performance-, Mobile-, API-Testing, Jenkins, Service virtualisation and many others. That is why we call ourselves Test Ninjas

A tool is just a tool, people make the real difference. We always keep our eyes open for new technologies, love to learn from each other and listen to what other experts have to say. Not yet familiar with a tool or methodology? No worries, our Test Academy has your back!

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Hey you! Fancy new testing adventures?

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We put our people first, just behind quality! ;-)

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We talk a lot of business and IT, but we’ve got our priorities straight: our Tobians come first. To complete our mission with a bang, we enable our Ninjas to be the best versions of themselves:

  • We encourage adaptability and stimulate our colleagues to be T-shaped
  • As Test Ninjas we stand out by our curious, critical, open, team and client-oriented mindset
  • Everything we do is focused on making our community stronger thanks to monthly update calls, fun events, retrospectives and our online community platform.
  • We praise initiative. Do you need a playground to test (😉) your ideas? Be our guest. Did you know that we won the Tobian ‘Entrepreneurial’ award in 2019? 
  • Thanks to the combination of our coaching programme and our Test academy, our Ninjas can work on their personal roadmap. 

Want to be a Tobania.Testing Ninja too?

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Our Testing Class is coming back!

The 2024 editions will be launched soon!


Interested and want to apply?


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Testing Internship 

Are you looking for an exciting internship within a rapidly growing Business & IT Consultancy company? Are you sometimes described as a stickler for detail? Are you able to outsmart all the bugs with your technical knowledge?

3X Yes? Then keep reading because we might have the perfect internship opportunity for you within our .Testing unit!

You will be working on a project to deliver a high-quality application for a go-live. This will be done under the guidance of our experienced consultants, who will support you and help you further develop your technical skills in the wonderful world of testing.

When? Februari – June (To be discussed)

Education? You are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.

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Meet some of our Testing Interns!




When I started my journey as an intern Test Engineer at Tobania, I quickly discovered that this wasn't your typical coffee-fetching and photocopying routine. Instead, I found myself knee-deep in exciting projects and brainstorming sessions where my voice really mattered - even though I was "only" an intern.

Working on a test solution for an internal web app was like solving a puzzle every day. Besides the exciting tasks, it was the team's camaraderie that really stood out. Colleagues turned into mentors and friends, making my growth as meaningful as the job itself.

This is the part that might make you smile - my internship paved the way for a full-time job. So, if you are still thinking about joining Tobania as an intern, consider this your cue to dive in. It is more than just an internship. It is a chance to blossom, be appreciated and perhaps get a permanent position in a company that nurtures talent.



The project I worked on during my internship essentially involved designing a test framework for an in-house application, using Test Driven Development. It was therefore important to be able to integrate the right technologies into our testing system, as testing plays a crucial role in this way of working.

Together with another intern, I researched different technologies that could fit within the project's Tech Stack. After our preliminary work, we could proceed with implementing the (automated) component testing and visual regression testing, including investigating possible AI tools that could be used. During the project, I not only learned a lot about the technical aspects, but also improved my communication skills as we could present our work to the team during daily stand-up meetings.

This internship was my first work experience in the IT sector and it really exceeded my expectations. Although the project seemed overwhelming at first, it went very smoothly and successfully after all. This was mainly due to the good cooperation with my internship buddy and team members who were always available and extremely helpful.

Testing Class op LP

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Get to know our "freshly" graduated Testing Wizards.


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.Testing Talks

Meet some of your future colleagues:

Why customers love our <Ninja> moves:

BNP Paribas Fortis in the digital arms race

In order to compete in the digital arms race in banking, BNP Paribas Fortis wanted to improve its application quality. Tobania therefore developed a testing application to improve test automation and to make testing – before and during the development process – possible.

Optimal use of <Parasoft Virtualize> at Proximus

Tobania.Testing supports Proximus in the domain of Service Virtualisation for five years now. Together, our Ninjas ensure that the tests of integration between the Proximus applications can be carried out automatically.

Better digital services for Digipolis.

Digipolis creates platforms and applications for the citizens of the City of Antwerp. Recently, the IT company launched ‘Antwerp City Platform as a Service’ (ACPaaS). To make this application future-proof, Digipolis wanted to embrace a strong testing strategy. Tobania therefore developed automatic tests and performance tests.

A glimpse of our last teambuilding

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See you soon, Ninja!

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